Dance teacher, choreographer, creator and performer of contemporary dance

Egle was born in Lithuania. Since childhood, she has been practising dance at the School of Choreography. In 2017, she graduated from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in dance pedagogy.

Since 2016, Egle has been a dancer in the play “Othello” at the Angelica Cholina Dance Theater in Lithuania. The same year, Egle started the Erasmus exchange program at the National Dance Academy in Rome, where she explored contemporary dance techniques, composition and ballet basics. In 2017, she did an internship at the Milan International Center for Movement and Dance, where he continued to develop his creative, pedagogical contemporary dance knowledge.

In 2019, she presented her creative dance composition at the National Arts Awards, organized by the Silvio d’Amico National Academy of Theater and Art in Rome, Italy.

In 2020, she graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, where she obtained a Master of Arts degree in theater.

In the same year, she created a contemporary dance performance “Taming Loneliness”, which premiered on 5th June in the yard of the art printing house.


The personal choice of Egle Ukanyte contemporary dance is based on research around the body as the fulcrum of the creative process.

Workshops take elements from different somatic techniques, improvisation and contemporary dance. The first part of the class goes deeper into breathing forms and how to give direction and form to the body.

Full concentration is a tool for understanding your body and dynamics and using the different levels of moving, gives an opportunity to improvise and develop a dancer’s own material.

Egle searches for connections with people and space around, constantly challenging herself and others. During the creativity process she is looking for different ways of moving / performing opening up the senses.


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